Malaysia Airlines Enrich Silver!

Enrich Silver
Enrich Silver

“Finally it arrived in the mail!”

Early this year, I received a letter from Malaysia Airlines (MH) with my new Silver Status Enrich Card in it. I was excited about it as this is the first time ever I got upgraded to any tier, on any of my frequent flyer (FF) membership. I have been enrolled with Enrich for the past couple of years now. So I guess you can imagine the thrilled I felt when it came in the mail.

Anyway, before we started. For those of you who are not familiar with Enrich, it is MH own Frequent Flyer Programme. A frequent flyer membership is a program which allows you to accumulate Elite Miles and Elite Sectors each and every time you fly with them. You can even earn miles on their partner airlines or even hotels. Once a certain amount of miles or sectors earned, you will be upgraded to the next tier which gives you immediate access to the benefits that each tiers allows you to have. These miles can also be redeem for free flights, shopping vouchers, hotels stay and many more. To enrol on the program is free of charge, all you need to do is just fill in the form with all the necessary details and voila, you are a member of Enrich FF. It is that simple, here’s a link to the Enrich page

In Enrich FF, there are a total of 4 tiers, starting with Blue, Silver, Gold and finally Platinum. As MH is a member of the One World Alliances, your tiers will also be equivalent to the One World tiers of Ruby (Silver), Saphire (Gold), and Emerald (Platinum). All of the tiers gave you different benefits and priority. The higher your tier are the more you will get. For more info on the benefits of each tiers and how to earn them, you can follow this link Enrich Tiers.

Now let me share with you my experience on how I got to Silver tier. If you have been following my page, by now you should know that I fly on a regular basis for work. Fortunate enough, last year most of my clients prefer to fly on MH and its One World Partner, so I took the chance to earn more miles and sectors.

Once you have enrolled on the program, you will be given with a special member number. This number can be considered as your ID number for the airline. Once you have your number, each and every time you book your ticket, please make sure that you fill in the details of your number in the FF Number column before making payment. This will inform the airlines that you are their members and they will credit the miles to you once you complete each flights.

However, if you happen to forget to key in your number during booking, fret not. At the airport, during check in, just politely inform the ground crew that you have a FF Number and ask them to key it in for you before you fly, its that simple. But, in the unlikely even you still forget to do so during check-in, again don’t worry. Please make sure that you keep your boarding pass and then go to the Enrich page similar to the one above, log in and search for the claim my missing miles button. Normally, you may do so after 3 days of your flight. Have a peace of mind in accumulating your miles, as the airlines have already prepared for you in any circumstances that you may face in the process of earning your miles. I personally have done all the things mentioned above and it is really simple to earn your miles with the airlines.

There’s a couple of ways that I did to earn my miles last year. One of it is by flying with MH or any of the One World Alliance member airlines, if you are flying with them on a return ticket, you will earn your miles for both sectors, and to be upgraded to the silver tier, you need to earn a minimum of 26,000 Elite Miles. Miles earns are vary depending on your destinations and distance betweens Point A and Point B, the further you fly the more miles you will earn. For me personally to keep track of the miles is a bit of a hassle. Thus I opted on keeping track of the Elite Sectors instead. To be upgraded to the the Silver Tier, one need to earn a minimum of 30 Elite sectors in one calendar year.

Elite Sectors are earned together with your elite miles, however the number of sectors earned vary from each class of travel. If you fly on Economy, you will earn 1 Elite Sectors each flight, while if you fly on Business Class you will earn 2 Elite Sectors per flight, thus you will earn 4 Elite Sectors if you fly return on them per destination.

For example, a Business Class flight from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket will let you earn 765 Elite Miles and 2 Elite Sectors per way. Hence if you fly again with them for the return flight back to Kuala Lumpur on the same class of travel you will earn a total of 1530 Elite Miles and 4 Elite Sectors for this one destination. The amount of Elite Sectors is fixed to each class of travel. Unlike the Elite Miles, no matter which destinations, near or far, you will definitely earn the exact amount of Elite Sectors base on you class of travel. For me personally this is an easier way to keep track of your tiers.

Another example to make it clear for you. You will need 30 Elite Sectors per calendar year to be upgraded to Silver, so if you book a return business class tickets to any destination you will automatically earn 4 Elite Sectors. So the earned 30 sectors, you need to fly to 8 destinations per year on a return business class tickets, which will lead you to earn a total of 32 Elite Sectors. However, if you fly on economy class, you will need to fly a total of 15 destinations on a return economy class ticket which will lead you to earn a total of 30 Elite Sectors.

However, if flying is not your thing. Don’t worry, you can still earn miles from the airlines partners. One of the easiest and common way is by using Agoda. In the website, you can choose to earn which airlines or loyalty member cards that you want to accumulate the points. Here, you can choose any hotels and then it will show you how much miles you can earn for that particular stay in that hotel, it is really simple. You may visit for more info. So these are among the ways that I used to accumulate my miles or sectors. If you have any other easier ways or special ways, do let me know in the comments bellow.

For now, my job this year is to maintain this status or get it upgrade to Gold, hopefully. But its already June and I have not fly on any MH flight yet this year. As most of my flights this year are on a different carrier. Lets hope that I get to update on my Thai Airways FF if I got it upgraded this year. ;D

Thank you for reading and I see you again on the next update. 😉

2 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines Enrich Silver!

  1. Nice way to keep track of everything! Quick question, let us say you don’t maintain 30 sectors this year, will your tier status go back to blue?


    1. Hi Imran, yes unfortunately it will.. Happen to mine this year sadly. Coz I flew on other airlines more due to work this year, thus MH sent me a new downgraded Blue card. LOL.


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