New Year in Bangkok!

As they said, what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok. Oh well it depends on the person actually. If you did something naughty that might be the case for you. *wink-wink* 😛



But for me, I went there as part of my work most of the time, so I don’t really have the time to explore the “unknown” places. Normally each and every time I arrived in Bangkok, I felt ‘aahhh I’m home’ I have this kind of feeling deep in me. To be honest I felt like I’m half Thai despite the fact that I’m only half Indonesian and half Malaysian. LOL

Enough of this chit chat. On today’s entry I’m gonna share with you the things that I did with my group on the eve of New Year in BANGKOK! (BKK) 😀

My last duty flight for 2016 was on the eve of New Year on the 31st December 2016. My flight left Malaysia at around 1:30PM (GMT +8). Some of the perks that I got while travelling with VIP’s are flying in style all the way anywhere. *laugh of evil* Haha.. Well not all the time though, but for this one it is. LOL

For this particular trip, we took Thai Airways (TG) from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK). Our flight TG416 took off approximately half an hour late due to the late arrival of the aircraft, well I’m kinda used to all these delays at the airport kind of thing, I think the worst one that I had was for a duty flight to London around the same period in 2015, it was delayed for about 12 hours plus. Oh well, lets not get into details about that horrifying memories. LOL

So we boarded the aircraft in a ‘humanly’ manner with all the passengers starts blocking the boarding gate and pushing their way to get in. Seriously I don’t understand why do people have to rush to get in? It was as if you were chase by your ex who came to haunt your life forever. Geez line up properly will ya? Anyway, as we were holding the Royal Silk boarding pass, that is what they called it for Business Class boarding pass in TG, we were invited to board the aircraft first. pheww


They offer the 2-2-2 seats arrangement on their 777-300. This is their old seats design. I like their new one better.

The drink on the left is Thai lemonade or they called it in Thai as  น้ำมะนาว (nam manaw). It is one of their welcome drink. I loveeee it, the best lemonade that I had ever tried, its their signature drink. They only serve it to Business class passengers only I think. Not so sure about that, sorry folks. 😛 I had flown on numerous airlines through out my life and I can reassure you that Thai Airways is one of my favorite. Best service, best cabin crew, good food, good selections of entertainment on board, overall best experience each and every time I flew with them.

We arrived in BKK at around 2:30PM local time (GMT +7). My guest decided to take the train to our hotel, he said ‘lets be adventurous once in a while’. I said ok! I’m used to it though. But I do need to warn you that its New Year’s Eve. I’m sure that the train is gonna be packed with limited space for our luggage. So off we go to the airport station and as I was expected it was packed with long ques which was just for the ticket. But hey to my surprise it was a free ride day complimentary of the Airport Rail Link and the Thai Government. Did I told you I love Bangkok and Thailand? This are among the reasons why I love it? LOL

The journey back to the hotel which was in Silom took us approximately 1 hour. Everybody was exhausted carrying their own luggage up and down the stations. The hotel that I choose was one out of two hotels that I have stayed the most each and every time I’m in BKK. It was Heritage Hotel Bang Rak Bangkok, while the other one which located in front of each other is The iResidence Silom. I love this two hotel due its location which nestled perfectly on  the site of BTS Sky train Chong Nongsi Station. There’s a local Thai restaurant located at the entrance of these hotels called Feuang Nara which serve one of the best Tom Yum Goong (prawn) in town. Seven Eleven is located beside the restaurants, other street vendors open up their stalls along the street and McDonald is about 2-3 minutes walk from the hotel. Isn’t it nice to have everything at your doorstep?

We rested for a couple of hours and got our self cleaned and fresh for the New Year celebration, everybody gathered at the lobby and I randomly suggested to my guests that we should celebrate it in Asiatique. All agreed, we hop on to the BTS Sky train 2 stations down and we alighted at Saphan Taksin station. If you ever come to BKK and would like to do anything related to the river like taking a water taxi to Wat Arun, Emerald Buddha Temple and many more, this is the station that you need to remember.

The local authority provides a free return boat ride from the station to Asiatique and back. As it was New Year’s Eve, you could imagine the length of the que for that night, my VIP was not pleased about this waiting game, so I opted for the paid per ride service which was located at the same port. It was 30 bath per person per ride, less than a dollar (USD), so it was ok.

Asiatique adapts the theme of warehouse by the river, mainly selling local designers products as well as abundance of eateries to choose from. You can basically spend hours here, you can go for a drink at the bars with live performance, fill up your guts with local delicacies or just shop for souvenirs and local designer bags, shoes,shirts and many more. Click here for more info of  Asiatique RiverfrontMy guests opted for a dessert session, so I brought them to a famous Thai dessert shop called Mango Tango, they served everything related to Mango. If you are familiar with Thailand, you might have guessed it by now among the things that we ordered. Yessss!! Mango sticky rice. O M G! They had one of the best ever, served with a smooth mango ice cream, it was the bomb. Here’s a pic of the temporary heaven that we had that night.

Located in Warehouse 1 in Asiatique The Riverfront : Mango Tango

The last point I want to highlight in this entry is the Halal Food that you can try in Asiatique. If you are muslim especially like me and my guest who so happen to love everything about food. Don’t worry I’m here to share with you where you can go and have a dinner nearby. Upon arriving by boat at the pier, just head straight until you reach the main road, you will see a Seven Eleven located across the street. Beside it there’s a local muslim hawker style foodcourt. The food ranges from a light snack of fish cakes to noodles and fried rice. Sorry that I didn’t had the chance to took any pics as most of us were kinda hungry at that time. However, will update this entry again the next time I’m in Bangkok. Once you’re here, you can indulge first and then continue with your shopping spree or sightseeing. As I always said, a happy tummy will always create happy moments.  ;D

We had around 2 hours till midnight that night, but unfortunately my VIP was too tired to wait for the celebration, so I stopped a Tuk Tuk for the ride back to the Saphan Taksin station. We called it a night and went back to the hotel to get some rest as we have many more exciting activities to do the next day. That was how I spent my New Year’s Eve in Bangkok, might not be exciting to some as parties and drinking was not involved but it was definitely memorable for me as I got to spent it abroad. 😉

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  1. HM..hmm. Your lecturer here to check your essay. 😁 Anyway it was entertaining reading this. Remind me of one of the titles I used to give to my students for essay writing back in school : How I spent my holidays.

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