Hi There! I’m MIrSyah Ariffin

Before I start being chitty chatty about my experiences travelling from one place to another, I think it would be wise for me to properly introduce myself.

Hi There! I’m MIrSyah Ariffin™ ;D

You might be wondering what the H is MIrSyah? and who are you? LOL. Well MIrSyah is actually an acronym for my full name which is Mohd Irwan Syah Ariffin. I took the first few letters of each of my name to form the name. While Ariffin on its own is my last name. This is why I wrote MIrSyah in this odd manner where some of the letters are capitalized, to show that its a combinations of a couple of names. ;P

Now, to those of you who have high curiosity on my background as if there’s any. LOL. I was born and raised in MALAYSIA! to be exact in the state of PERAK. For the few of you who might still be clueless on where is Malaysia, it is above Singapore and below Thailand. There, your welcome. ;D

The second fact about me is that I’m a mixed blood of Malaysian and Indonesian and a bit of others here and there somewhere in me. 😉 I can speak fluently in Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, English and JavaneseOther than these languages I’m currently able to at least have a basic conversation in Mandarin, Thai and KoreanMy French is still in the the process of having it planted in my brain. LOL

Well it has been a dream of mine to actually have my own travel blog sort of thing, as I travel a lot in a year for work. FYI, I’m a registered tour guide here in Malaysia with ID number TG14051. I had done a lot of assignments inbound where I will lead foreign tourists to explore the beauty and rich culture of Malaysia.

Other than this, I also do VIP tour escort. Where my duties are to prepare, manage and deliver exclusive and private tour packages to Malaysian dignitaries and royalties a like. As I traveled, I love to take beautiful pictures of the destinations that I have visited and I think it would be nice if I could share the stories, tips and information for those who might be interested to visit the same place.

So here goes nothing, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

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